WabiSabi Bitcoin Coinjoin Coordinator

About OpenCoordinator

OpenCoordinator is alternative coinjoin coordinator for Wasabi Wallet 2.x.

It is open to everyone, no country blacklists, no UTXO blacklists.

OpenCoordinator is run by experienced team of anonymous freedom activists.

News (June 21 2024)

Lowered coinjoin fees.

New fees: 0% + Free remixing + Free under 0.25 BTC

To compare fees you can visit

Node information and active coinjoin rounds



Node blocks: 852,930

Node headers: 852,930

Wasabi client version: 2.0.8

Wasabi backend version: 4

Minimum inputs: 10

Status last updated: 22s ago

Coinjoin Round #1


Round: ad9a4a7a2b54434342ad...

Current input count: 26

Phase: Input registration

Input registration remaining: 7m 42s

How to switch to OpenCoordinator?

Update to latest Wasabi Wallet version, then go to drop down menu "Search settings / advanced features" > "Settings" > "Coordinator" and change Coordinator URI from to and then restart your client.

You are now ready to Coinjoin.

Where can i get Wasabi Wallet?

You can read more about Wasabi Wallet here and download it from official GitHub here.

How can i contact you?

You can contact our team on email: team [at] opencoordinator [dot] org

If you want to contact our team securely our PGP Public Key is here.

How can i help?

You can donate bitcoin to address: bc1qc0rdntrwulgk2gkylqpm9jk8t72qcuswkvexlk